merchant cash advance los angeles

Affordable  Merchant Cash Advance Services You Can Rely On

Get the business capital you need to get your business running towards maximum profitability. Need to upgrade equipment used for the job or even infrastructure for your office?  Merchant Cash Advance services will be there to assist your business during times of need or even to take your business to a higher level. Having solid financial ground is the first step to building up any business towards maximum efficiency.


merchant cash advance los angeles

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Our Affordable Merchant Cash Advance Services


Benefit by having financial peace of mind knowing that you can purchase any additional equipment or even beef up your advertisement campaigns towards achieving client acquisition. There are many creative ways business owners can use their newly acquired cash to make even more cash. If you can take out a loan that will in many ways pay for itself, then why not take the step forward towards our affordable  merchant cash advance services? Give us a call today to see how we can be of assistance towards reaching your business goals.


merchant cash advance los angeles

What You Should Know About Merchant Cash Advances

Consider taking a merchant cash advance more so as a business-to-business transaction that involves the selling of a company’s daily sales or a percent of the small businesses bank deposits for a fast lump sum of funding. Merchant cash advances range anywhere from $5,000 up to $25,000,000 with payment terms beginning anywhere from 3 months to 2 years. Repayment for each MCA are usually made daily or weekly via an automatic deduction from credit card sales or bank deposits.


Lines of Credit Up to $25 Million Dollars

Epic Business Capital serves the small business community nationwide by offering a range of financial services for merchants. We have helped business owners within various cities and professional industries take their business to the next level via business capital. As one of the leading and largest private lenders for small business loans, we have helped many businesses with the capital they need as well as any inventory/equipment financing.